This has been my second year in Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School. If you want to check my achievements from the first Year – CLICK HERE.

Otherwise, let’s see what I achieved in the second year of intense Kung Fu training.


Achieving Full Splits

One of my main achievements for this year were SPLITS.

  • Doing a split become possible every single day regardless the intensity of the training.
  • Doing splits was not that painful anymore. I still couldn’t do split without a warm up though.
  • I was able to do a full man split, which was impossible in the last year.
  • During the Power Stretching I was much farther than in the last year.

What helped me improve flexibility:

  • Time. It was a second year of constant stretching.
  • Less training. Probably, if I would have trained full time as before, my body wouldn’t be able to recover fast and the flexibility wouldn’t improve that much or at all.

For sure muscle training does not contribute to gain flexibility. If we would just stretch, the improvement would be much faster. However, if we want to have healthy joints and strong body both muscle training and stretching need to be applied.

If you want to learn more about HOW I BECOME MORE FLEXIBLE – CLICK HERE

Small Achievements

Small achievements, which weren’t really my goals, but I noticed them, because I was unable to do them in the last year.

  • 10 min heavy skipping rope

In the last year I had difficulties to sustain normal skipping rope for 5 min. But it was because I’ve always done it during a warm up and I didn’t want to push myself too much, otherwise I wouldn’t have energy for a class.

  • Pistol Squat

Pistol squat was impossible, because most of the time my thighs and knees were very tired. At some days I had even difficulties to do Pu Bu stance.

  • 4 min Plank

4 min plank I tried for the first time in this year.

  • I can do aerial on two mats, if I have a good day.
  • I almost achieved Front Handspring, but I still need to work on it.
  • I tried backhandspring. I could do it with one supporter without landing on my head which was a case in the last year 😉

I Broke A Brick

12th of April. I broke a brick !!! After Qigong and Conditioning class. I stayed to watch a friend, trying to break a brick. He didn’t manage to do that. The other student took the same brick and broke it without problem.

  • You made it look so easy – I commented. – I really would like to be able to break a brick – I added.

He smiled.

  • Here – he pointed at the brick on the sand. – Try it.

I hesitated. I wasn’t really in the mood to hurt my hand. I already tried to break a brick yesterday. But, something pushed me to take a brick, put it on the marble desk. I prepared myself as instructed by my Master long time ago. Mabu position, relaxed mind and body. Directing Qi into my palm. I swing my arm few times, imitating that I am breaking a brick and I aimed into the middle of the brick, hitting it with no really much power. Surprised, I broke it !!


Apart from daily training, in this year there were many other events that I consider as achievements 🙂

1. I have participated in two Kung Fu competitions in this year:

  • First competition (which was actually my 2nd kung fu competition that I have participated in) was small and it took place in Liangshan city on 28th of July. I won one gold for a fan form and one silver for staff form.
  • Second competition in this year, (but generally a 3rd kung fu competition that I have participated in) took place in October 2018. I am actually very happy and proud to could take part in it and it has definitely a place on my list of achievements. It was Zhengzhou International Wushu Festival. I won one gold and one silver medal. Click here to know more about this amazing, mind blowing event!

  1. HALF MARATHON – 21km run. I had possibility to run it for the first time in my life with a score of 2h 09 min.

Kung Fu Forms That I Have Learned

During this year I didn’t learn many forms. As I said before, I was focusing more on my own training.

2 Kung Fu Forms that I have learned:

  • 2nd Guo Jia Shaolin Grading Form,
  • 7 Star Fist Form.

3 Qi Gong Forms:

  • Ba Duan Jin (based on Master Zhang teachings),
  • 6 Healing Sounds,
  • Health Rejuvenation Exercise (Qigong form created by Master Zhang)

Articles and Videos about these Qigong Forms COMING SOON!

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