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We are RockDaniRoll and Basia. We are the co-founders of DragonsWarriors.com. We enjoy traveling, doing sports and keep our life healthy. We created this website because we noticed that we can help many people by sharing our experience and knowledge.

We decided to share with you, how Dragons Warriors started. You can read or just listen to us if you don’t feel reading.

I really like the name Dragons Warriors. I was even thinking to buy this domain years ago, but I was not ready for it at that point. I didn’t find a good concept behind this name. But now in 2018 after almost 6 years traveling and training, I feel ready to take the challenge and responsibility of DragonsWarriors.com.

I never thought about creating a website or sharing my life in social media. I was a physiotherapist working in Berlin and I was very passionate about dancing and movement. Blogging or creating videos didn’t existed for me. That changed, when I met RDR in 2016 in Shaolin Kung Fu School in China.

When I saw Basia for the first time, she caught my attention. She was looking so beautiful. After observing her training with so much passion and motivation, I knew that I wanted to get to know her better, so I started to find different ways to spend time with her.

I recognized RDR in the school from his YouTube videos. One of these videos helped me a lot during my traveling to China. Our first conversation was very casual, but I felt an immediate connection and good energy in the air. I really liked the way he looked at me. Very quickly we started to share a lot of time together.

Yeah, the time was passing so fast and our relationship become stronger. After 10 months of spending time together, Basia told me that she wanted to share her training experience online. After explaining her all the difficulties that are connected with creating videos and a website, she accepted the challenge and we bought a domain for her new website MoReMe.Space.

It is good to mention that the reason I wanted to create the website was my wish to combine work with my passion. I really wanted to continue training and explore different movement techniques. I can say that even before creating MoReMe.Space, I had an idea, which I was calling 10 Years Project. It was about dedicating my 10 years to train and explore movement.

Open this if you want to know more about: 10 Years Project

It was 10 000 hours rule that inspired me to chose 10 years. Gladwell considers 10 000 hours of deliberate practice as a key to success in any field. It can be accomplished with 20 hours of work in a week for 10 years.

10 years project is not exactly about becoming an expert in a specific field. It is more about:

  • learning diverse movement techniques, like martial arts, dance, yoga etc.,
  • learning movement tricks, like flips,
  • achieving strength and flexibility,
  • coping with the body and mind during the training
  • and sharing that experience with you.

You can TRACK my 10 Years Project by reading all the articles from BASIA BLOG. Sometimes, the stories are written in a more personal manner, other times they are shared with RockDaniRoll, as we train and travel together.

MoReMe.space gave me the opportunity to make 10 Years Project more real and share its course with others. Also, MoReMe become a space for my other passions, like healthy life, alternative medicine and natural products. Besides, I’ve always liked to write. Since teenager, I’ve been writing “books” to keep my thoughts and imagination in one place, but all of them finished under my bed. Creating MoReMe.space gave me the chance to share my writings with the world.

Basia was thinking that creating a website was not a big deal. At the beginning she thought that if the articles are ready, designing the website will take less than one month. I’ve always repeated that with the knowledge she had, it can take even 3 months to create a good website.

I didn’t make it easy for her. I didn’t want to help her so much, because firstly, I was busy with my own projects and work and secondly, I really wanted that she makes it by herself, so she could learn and keep going with her 10 Years Project even if I wouldn’t be there.

Before we left China I helped her record all her kung fu forms and we took some cool photos for her website and posts.

With all that unorganized files I left the school with RDR in October 2017, after my one year training. We started traveling. During that time I had to organize my writings, videos and photos. Plus I had to learn so many things connected with a website, which I didn’t have clue about. I agree, it took a lot of time. After 4 months since we left China, in February 2018, I could finally release MoReMe.Space.

After that, we were ready to go back to our kung fu home in China, in March 2018.

I didn’t want to start my second year of kung fu training before releasing the website 🙂

When we come back to the school it felt different. This time apart from training I spend a lot of time on creating the content for my website. Sometimes I doubt what I was doing. It bothered me that although most of the experiences, which I was describing, were connected with RDR, he didn’t really wanted to engage in creating MoReMe.Space. He was busy with his projects and work.

Yes, I never really liked the name MoReMe. Although I was the one, who came with that name. I considered MoReMe as Basia’s blog, where there was no space for me. She also didn’t feel joining RockDaniRoll.com.

After almost 3 months of seeing the progress that Basia achieved with creating videos and understanding the online tools, I felt that it was a right time to bring Dragons Warriors to life. But that meant – she needed to give up MoReMe.

I didn’t want to focus on many things. I wanted to have one website, one goal and step by step put there my effort and build something. I didn’t care if I had to give up the name. After discussion with RockDaniRoll, I loved the idea that we can have one space for everything that we are passionate about.

So we finally decided to create and engage with full power in DragonsWarriors.com. This is the beginning and we will see, where this amazing project takes us

Now you know our story

So go and wake up your spirits. Be a dragon, be a human, be a warrior and walk with us through this path, finding the balance in your life.