In order to understand, why I took alkaline powder, when I was training, it is good to understand how crucial it is to maintain a proper pH of the body and how it influence the physical performance, when we train.

The blood pH operates between 7.35 and 7.45 and it doesn’t want to go below that level. For that reason anything causing blood acidity (lower pH) will be directed to the other body tissues (like muscles).

Acidity in the body doesn’t do any good.


Eating dairy, meat, drinking coffee, carbonated water and soda, using artificial sweeteners are responsible for acids accumulation in the body.

That wasn’t my case. But there were other factors I could relate to, like:

  • stress,
  • eating  sweets and processed food,
  • eating products with high level of gluten (examples cereal and baking products, soy sauce, ice cream, beer, oats, noodles and the list goes on …)S1, S1a.
  • and a lot of exercise !!!


Exercise is healthy !!! But, we need to remember that, when we are working out the acid builds up as much as when we eat sugary dessert. Intensive training increases the blood acidity (especially, when the workout is anaerobic – without oxygen). In order to neutralize acid in the blood, it is released into the tissues. This is, when we get muscle sore.

As far as we train, we don’t feel it. But the moment we sit down and do nothing or we take a nap, the muscles get very tight, the blood circulation worsens and acidity increases.

After this adorable rest, we want to get to work and we barely can walk. It becomes tolerable again, the moment we start to train. The blood circulation is improved and the muscle tension released. Very important to avoid muscle sore is proper stretching after the workout so that the muscles don’t get super tight.


Stretching helps the body to recover faster from the muscle sore, but it does not change the fact that the body acidity was increased. At some point we get used to everyday training and muscle pain is not that extreme. Nevertheless, it is possible that we start to feel more and more tired, exhausted, physically drained, sluggish … and that can be due to increased acidity in the body and lack of essential minerals.

When the blood becomes too acidic, the body will take calcium from the bones to become more alkaline. It will also deplete the body from other essential minerals such as magnesium and potassiumS2POTASSIUM and MAGNESSIUM are the first minerals, which we should take care of, when we feel that something is not right with us. If they are in deficit, focusing on other substances and supplementing them will not work.

This is VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION for everybody, who train intensively!

Without Magnesium the ATP – ENERGY cannot be bound and used. Even when we train hard there is no way we will improve !!! This is why it is so important to maintain the proper body pH. If the muscles have a proper pH in resting time, they won’t get acidic so fast while training. It means, we won’t lose essential minerals and we can train harder and have better results.

BECOME MORE ALKALINE (Basic – pH above 7)

In conclusion, become more alkaline by:

  • most importantly eating less food causing acidity,
  • and additionally use supplementation such as alkaline powder, magnesium and potassium supplements.


containing calcium and magnesium, in the form of carbonates and alkaline mineral salts

I drank alkaline powder almost everyday morning before Tai Chi class. I like it and it seems to help me stay strong during the day. I also used it, when I felt heartburn (sour taste coming from the stomach) or bloating (heavy belly).