Hello :) I am happy that you are here. Let me introduce myself. I am Basia. I am a cofounder of I was born in Poland in a small city close to a Baltic Sea. In 2013 I graduated MSc in Physiotherapy in Scotland. I am passionate about Movement, Traveling and Healthy Life. In 2016 I started an intensive training in Shaolin Kung Fu School in China. From that moment I decided to dedicate my life to explore and learn different movements from around the world. I love writing and sharing my experience and knowledge through articles. I hope you will enjoy reading my posts! Feel free to comment and ask questions.

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Hello, Dragons and Warriors Readers! I'm RockDaniRoll and I really like to share my traveling and training experience with all of you. Why? Because life is so beautiful and it turns amazing when you share it. So I really hope that I can inspire some of you to wake up your Dragon and Warrior spirits to become more aware of your body and your mind to find balance, happiness and freedom in your life. In that way, we can be the best version of ourselves and make this world a better place! You can find more info about me at

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