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I’m Basia. In this small section of DragonsWarriors, called Basia Blog, I am sharing my training experience from around the world.

My Fitness/Movement/Training story has its beginning way earlier than described here. But, it was in Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School in China, where I made a decision to have a blog (in 2017). Also, I love the idea to dedicate a certain period of time to this Training Fitness Experience. That helps me keep my passion alive and do not get busy with other things. Accordingly, I have created “10 Years Project”. More about it in the section About.

You can read my posts chronologically according to the years of the 10 Years Project or just choose the topic of your interest! Sometimes, the stories are written in a more personal manner, other times they are shared with RockDaniRoll, as we train and travel together.



Before going to China to train Shaolin Kung Fu,  I spend 2 years in Berlin exploring contemporary dance. I found the best school, I figured out how to dance/do sports in Berlin for a very cheap price and now I want to share this info with You.

1st Year

2nd Year


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