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Being a human is not always easy. We are busy with our daily routine, giving attention to work, ideas, hobbies, family and friends. But … what about our health?!

Being a human involves taking care of yourself. If we have neglected our human side, the body will respond with different health problems. The funniest part is that being a human doesn’t help to take care of our human side. We tend to have wrong eating habits, to overstress or overwork ourselves and to feed our mind with negative emotions. We all struggle with some of these factors. But, the difference is our attitude and how we deal with them.

Leave the struggle behind, instead ENJOY BEING A HUMAN!

Get inspired with our articles.

Eat healthy, Love your body and Understand your human needs!


Your warrior is awake and you workout regularly. That means you should definitely read the articles below. They will help you understand, what your body needs when you are exercising. The information below also helps all of you who don’t exercise much.

Whatever is your case, if you feel tired and unmotivated that probably means your body is lacking some of essential minerals and vitamins.

Read these articles and understand your body.

Are You Working Out Hard

With No Results?


Foods highest in Vitamin C

Why Vitamin C Is Important

When You Train Intensively?


Vitamin B12



Love your body

We share healthy ways to love your body, including recipes and natural products that we have discovered from different cultures through our travels.

Give love to your body.

Trying Out

A Menstrual Cup


Heal your body

Remember the health problems does not appear randomly. The human body is very clever and always works by the rules. Do not kill the symptoms with pills.

Understand and HEAL your body !!!

stretching exercises after long run

Muscle Soreness Recovery

Tips, Stretches, Self-massage


Hamstring Injury

Kalarichikilsa Treatment


What Triggers

Urinary Tract Infection


How I Treated UTI

with Ayurveda



with some simple but very effective exercises you can check if your body is in balance. You can do these tests alone, without any equipment and at the comfort of your home!


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