How To Dance Or Do Sports In Berlin For A Cheap Price?

How To Dance Or Do Sports In Berlin For A Cheap Price?

The answer is Urban Sports Club membership. This sport card (membership) gives you unlimited access from 512 to 622 venues in Berlin and also unlimited access to some studios in other cities in Germany.

There are 3 different memberships:

Please check them on Urban Sports Club website. The one I had and I recommend is the L-card for 99,00 Euro per month !!! It will suit everybody, who wants to train intensively (3-7 days a week).

The other good option is M-card for 59,00 Euros per month.

With these cards you can not only go to dance classes, but also to fitness clubs, martial art schools, yoga and pilates studios. They also offer team sport, functional and CrossFit, climbing and bouldering, EMS and vibration training and access to swimming pools, MASSAGE, relaxation and SAUNA !!!

This is actually the best thing I discovered in Berlin!

Unlimited access to all these places is not exactly true. There are different visit limitations for each membership. You can check-in to one venue either daily, 4x per month or 8x per month. MULTIPLE CHECK-INS PER DAY AT ONE VENUE ARE NOT ALLOWED. All the details you can find on the profiles of the studios at their website.

It is good to ask directly in the school, if you can participate in the Dance Classes for Professionals with this card. When I was in Berlin it was possible. All the dance schools mentioned in the article “Top 8 Contemporary Dance Studios In Berlin, Germany”  are partners with Urban Sports Club.

The best part of this Urban Sport Club is that you don’t have any time-bounding contract with them. The cancellation period is just one month! It is worth a try!


  • For everybody, who wants to train intensively in different places in Berlin.
  • For everybody, who needs a flexible training plan,
  • For people, who enjoys various techniques, sports, exercises,
  • For everybody, who apart from participating in fitness classes wants to use other services, like swimming pool, massage, meditation etc.


  • IF YOU HAVE YOUR FAVORITE SCHOOL and you know you want to train there most of the time (few classes a day) than probably Urban Sports Club membership is not a good option for you, as you cannot participate in more than one class daily at one school.
  • If you train only in one school and you don’t train there very often.

In this case the better option is to buy a ticket directly from the school, which contain 10 or more entrances to the classes.

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