No Electricity No Water

No Electricity No Water

Tuesday. For the last few days it was raining A LOT. Yesterday it stopped, but the rain had its consequences. In the evening electricity went out, no internet, no light and NO WATER (even in the toilets). It is good to mention that right now the school has many students, probably we are around 30-40 people (not counting masters, translators and kitchen ladies).

Not being able to properly take shower after the training, I would consider the most inconvenient. But apart from that somehow my mind calmed down. Having this opportunity to NOT HAVE things, made me realize how much we have, how much we are dependent on our daily habits.

Benefits Of Not Having Electricity

Not having a strong light in the evening is amazing:

  • Gives you better mood to sleep.
  • It relaxes your body and keep your thoughts in a right place.

Not having internet is even better: 

  • There are no excuses to go and check E-mails, instagram, facebook etc.
  • You need to find a new occupation. Maybe talking with your friends, maybe just going to sleep.

No Electricity No Water – Do We Train?

In the morning there was still no electricity and water in the sank or showers. “It is fine” – I said to myself, the world doesn’t collapse 🙂 I still could brush my teeth using the water from the bottles. I could wash my face, eat breakfast and wash dishes afterwards. Differently – yes. But it is just the matter of switching to a different way of doing things. Could I get used to it – why not? Imagine how much happiness would give me shower if I wouldn’t have it everyday. It doesn’t mean as well that I won’t wash my body. I can do it in a different way.

Would we train? – the ridiculous questions pop up in my thoughts. – Why not? – I answered myself. – Why would that small thing change the school’s schedule?

Let’s go than for the training!

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Hello :) I am happy that you are here. Let me introduce myself. I am Basia. I am a cofounder of I was born in Poland in a small city close to a Baltic Sea. In 2013 I graduated MSc in Physiotherapy in Scotland. I am passionate about Movement, Traveling and Healthy Life. In 2016 I started an intensive training in Shaolin Kung Fu School in China. From that moment I decided to dedicate my life to explore and learn different movements from around the world. I love writing and sharing my experience and knowledge through articles. I hope you will enjoy reading my posts! Feel free to comment and ask questions.


  1. ellis

    Hi! I have a kind of cheeky question. I want to join that school in 2020. I’m saving hard a lot. Working and working to get enough money. That why I want to ask. I saw your interview about the school and you said that you saved up for about a few months and you got to the school.
    Did you win a lottery or something 😛 ? The real question I want to ask is where you get money from? I mean, I’m not asking what you doing for that or about your personal stuff. I just want to know, because I know you have to pay for year in the school. And then you give up on job and everything to go there. So then you don’t have any incomes right? Because you don’t have a job. And you are travelling and you have been in the school 2nd year already. I mean how? Are you just lucky? Or there is any way to earn some money during the time in school?
    Thank you for any answer!
    You are amazing! Keep doing what you do! It is fantastic to follow your on the internet and feel your spirit!
    Best wishes!

    • Basia

      Hey Ellis 🙂 hehe yes it is a cheeky question. Well, in my culture you rather don’t ask about money 😛 But I totally understand your curiosity, probably I would be the same. Well, 5 280 USD it’s actually not that much for one year training, accommodation and food. When I saw that price, I considered it as very cheap. As you can find one week workshop for 3 000 Euros (which is insane).

      Before coming to the school I could somehow save it from my work as a physiotherapist in Berlin. I just didn’t spend much during these few months. In the school theoretically you are not allowed to work, because you enter to China with a student Visa (not Working Visa) and Chinese government is very strickt about that. But, going out of China for few months and having a simple but well paid seasonal job is what many people do. Also, online jobs, like teaching languages, having an online business is a solution.

      The school also gives sometimes promotions or discounts.

      I was lucky to meet RockDaniRoll and start a Dragons Warriors Project with him. That’s how I keep training in Qufu School.

      Good luck with saving money! If you put all your effort, you will make it faster than expected 😉 Somehow the money will appear.


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