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16th of November, second day of kalaripayattu training. I took both in the first and in the second day an afternoon nap. So GOOOOD!!!

Speaking about pleasure, I have to mention that all this time in India we were eating three big meals a day plus ice cream from time to time. I felt that my body was getting heavier. I needed to gather myself and start eating less.

In the afternoon I had an appointment with a chief physician, regarding the pain in my right hamstring that I‘ve already had since the winter in the Shaolin Kung Fu School.


How I injured my hamstring in the last year, during the kung fu training.
I thought I could receive a kalari massage. Unfortunately, it was impossible. That actually surprised me. According to the headmaster I didn’t need it. When I asked if I could have it just to relax my muscles and improve my condition. The answer was – no.

It is maybe good to mention that the hospital, we were living in, specializes in orthopedic and neurologic cases. The treatment is based on Ayurveda and kalaripayattu.

So at the end what I have received was a family made oil, which I bought in the pharmacy in the hospital. I had to apply it before the training in the painful areas.

I was skeptical. In the kung fu school I applied many times tiger balm and warm bottle. That was never enough to heal my contusion fully. Was it possible that some oil would fix my problem?


Hamstring Injury – Kalarichikilsa Treatment.


We had already trained kalaripayattu more than two weeks. I cannot say it was easy. First days the body had to get used to the new exercises – pull there, stretch there, pressure there …

After six days of training, the pain during urinating returned.


If you want to know more about my story connected with UTI
It was Tuesday. I went to the morning class with well known by me sensation in my urethra. During the class the pain increased. After the class I went to the toilet and almost screamed because of pain. I broke into tears. I felt hopeless. It was already almost 1 month that I was struggling with Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

After lunch we met Srinath. I told him about my problem. Fortunately, his sister is an Ayurvedic doctor. They gave me medicine, a lot of them, and the pain was gone. Just the weird sensation in urethra and the urge to pee stayed.

I was training again on Thursday.


Next week, in a perfect moment Raam Kumar Ravikumar arrived. He was a person, who I was speaking with before arriving to C.V.N. Sreerangom Kalari. All arrangements to train and live in this place were made with him.

It was Thursday evening, 30th of November, meaning after more than two weeks in C.V.N Sreerangom Kalari and after 13 days of training, when we had first class with Raam Kumar. Although, I cannot say anything bad about Srinath, the difference between their knowledge and teaching experience was noticeable.

Soon we have learned, who exactly was Raam Kumar, his relation with Srinath and the place we were training right now.

This traditional Kalaripayattu school turned out to be the first C.V.N. Kalari in India !!! What does it mean? Well to understand that we have to go back to the British rule on the Indian subcontinent, which was more than 70 years ago.


Kalaripayattu fighters were a threat to the British supremacy (British Raj took place in India between 1858 and 1947). In that period Kalaripayattu practice was banned. It is worth to mention that before that Kalaripayattu was trained only among higher cast, like Brahmins or Kshatriyas.
However, there was one person named Kottackal Kanaran Gurukkal, who (although from the lower cast) learned Kalaripayattu through observation. He kept training even during the difficult times and he started to have many followers/ students.

One of them was Chambadan Veedu Narayanan Nair. This young man turned out to be a very talented martial artist. As Kalaripayattu was on the verge of extinction Kottakal Kanaran Gurukkal decided to teach CV Narayanan Nair all the techniques and hidden knowledge. He also taught him meditation and different treatment techniques like Uzhichil, Marma chikilsa and how to make herbal medicines.

During 1930s CV Narayanan Nair’s skills were noticed by a royal family from Kerala. Her Highness Parukutty Nethyar Amma commented on the young man performance “You are equal to all the heroes of our history. So from now on you will be known as Veera Shree CV Narayanan Nair“. This incident made Shree Narayanan Nair famous all over Kerala.
In order to bring back the Kalaripayattu technique in India, Shree CV Narayanan Nair reinvented the form, making it more a performing art. He traveled all over the India and even to Sri Lanka spreading the Kalaripayattu spirit.
His son, Sri C.V.Govindan Kutty Nair, continued his father’s life wish to reestablish Kalaripayattu in India.  He started the lineage of schools under the CVN initials (in honor of the memory of CV Narayanan Nair). The first CVN Kalari School was the one we were training in !!!
So now again shortly …

CV Narayanan Nair was Raam Kumar’s great grandfather. We are talking here only about 3 generations. CV Narayanan Nair was teaching Raam’s Kumar grandfather, …. Raam Kumar’s grandfather passed the knowledge about Kalaripayattu to his daughter (Raam’s Kumar mum) and her son – Raam Kumar, and also !!! to Srinath’s grandfather – K. Gopinatha Kurup.

Srinath’s grandfather was a rich man, who had land. Together with Sri C.V. Govindan Kutty Nair (Raam Kumar’s grandfather) they have created the first C.V.N. Kalari in India.

All the schools with these initials are based on the teachings of CV Narayanan Nair. We were at the source of Kalaripayattu schools !!! How exciting it was !!!

We are honored to have an interview with Raam Kumar Ravikumar!!! Learn more about kalaripayattu traditional training, history and why kalaripayattu technique is suitable for WOMEN !!! Watch the video at the beginning of this post.


Training with Raam Kumar was a new experience. His technique was impressive and his teaching skills had an immediate impact on my attitude towards the training. I was motivated again! He inspired me!

After one hour class with him I noticed improvement. Raam Kumar immediately corrected all the exercises we have learned till now. He pointed out all the details necessary to understand the movement or the posture and of course he demonstrated all his teachings.

Now, I knew what I should focus on in the next training.

I HAD A GOAL and I saw a path to achieve it !!!

I understood that this is what keeps me motivated!

For me, if we were only striving for the spiritual advancement of people, it’s very easy. I don’t even see it as a great challenge. But we want to open up the mystical dimension into human life. This needs work, a different level of commitment, focus, and dedication. To penetrate through the limitations which naturally exist for our species, to know life beyond the limitations set by nature, it needs a certain kind of people.

The time is coming when we’ll do more focused work. I want to increase the percentage of what I can leave behind before I go, because there are many, many, aspects about this fantastic machine. 99.99% of humanity goes without ever exploring even their body.

If they have a little pleasure it’s over. It’s not like that. If you explore this, this is a cosmos by itself. It can do tremendous things just sitting here. This is the way of yoga. Kalari is just a more active form of that.



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