After Half Marathon Run

After I reached the finish line and received the medal, I went for a hot sweat drink that the place offered. I filled my cup three times with this drink. I knew the hydration is very important and it felt good to keep drinking.

Just after the run I felt really good – my body wasn’t sore, I was excited, happy and proud that I made it. After around 2 hours, I went for a lunch with other students, who have participated in this run. The moment I sat down and relaxed, I felt a wave of tiredness empowering my body. I wasn’t really hungry either. I ate though the full lunch, knowing that probably my body needs some fuel right now.

As soon as I found myself in the school, I took shower and fall asleep for hours. I woke up to eat dinner and fall asleep again till morning. I rarely feel this overpowering tiredness, where nothing really matters, where you don’t care and understand what is going on around you, where your body falls into a pleasure of resting, “lethargy”. It is a cozy, very comfortable state.

The next day I woke up very sore. I had troubles to walk and I definitely couldn’t run. Mainly because of my sore ankle. I skip my kung fu training and I focused on massaging my joints and stretching tight and painful muscles.

Recovering After Half Marathon NEXT DAY


I applied self massage to my ankles, knees and lower back. The most sore were my ankles. I felt that I needed to improve blood circulation there and relax the surrounding tissues. The video shows exactly how to apply this massage. It gave me a lot of relief and helped me walk better. Similarly, with knees, rubbing them hard not only made a joint warm and rich in blood, but also gave a relief to the thigh muscles.


Walk And Stretch! 

The most muscle soreness I was experiencing in the AREA OF MY HIPS, including GLUTES and LEG ADDUCTORS. This is why walking was difficult for me. My tired and sore glutes didn’t want to support the pelvis, so every step the pelvis was slightly falling to the side until the muscles warmed up and have been able to hold the pelvis in a right spot. Also people, who has very weak glutes, can develop this kind of walk.


  • Standing on one leg.
  • Strong Gluteus Medius – without soreness 🙂 – contracts and keeps pelvis leveled.
  • Weak Gluteus Medius (Trendelenburg Sign) – drop of pelvis, when lifting leg opposite to weak Gluteus Medius.
  • Similarly, after the 21km run, holding one leg lifted and keeping the pelvis even was a huge challenge.

But, as I said, the most painful and weird were first steps until the blood circulation was increased, the muscles got new package of oxygen and the soreness decreased. This is why, it is beneficial to

walk at least 10-15 minutes few times a day

after that kind of long run, even if you have troubles to do that and ideally you would stay in bed and watch some movies, you need to stand up, overcome the soreness and keep walking. Believe me – it helps a lot. As I repeat often, the best solution for muscle soreness is movement. Apart from walking, in order to recover the muscles, it is crucial to

spend at least half an hour for the next few days, stretching those sore muscles.

In the video, you will find 5 stretching exercises that helped me the most!


Apart from self massage, a bit of walking and stretching exercises, nothing will work that effectively if you won’t drink enough water. So insure that you drink a lot of healthy fluids!

In conclusion it took me one week to fully recover after my first half marathon run. It was a gradual process. So be patient and take care of your body!