U7 Yorkstrasse, S2/S25/S1 Yorkstrasse (a bit farther than U7), U7/U6 Mehringdamm

Top 8 Contemporary Dance Schools In Berlin


Contemporary Dance: Mo-Fr 10:00 – 11:30 (every week different teacher)


  •  different kinds of Yoga, like Vinyasa-Yoga, Yin-yoga, Ballet Yoga,
  • Gaga, Pilates,
  • different Contemporary Dance classes including Contemporary Jazz, ContempOriental,
  • somatic classes, like Feldenkrais, Body-Mind Centering,
    different Movement Research, Movement Practice, Dynamic Expansion, Contact Improvisation, Embodied Research etc.
  • African Dance, Street Dance,
  • And of course they have Ballet


It was the first school I found on internet and the first dance school I gave a try. I found my job based on the area (KREUZBERG), in which was that school. After one year living in Berlin, I also moved to the flat, which was 5 minutes walk away from Tanzfabrik. At the end I was in a perfect position to take part in many classes without worrying that I waste my time and money on transportation.

But before that, believe it or not, I spend sometimes 4-5 hours a day just sitting in UBahn or S-Bahn. This is why living in Spandau or in other border area of Berlin do not comply with intensive dancing in Berlin. When I went to my work, I could go to Tanzfabrik. However, during the weekends or days off I drived to even more remote places than Kreauzberg in order to participate in workshops or dance classes. Which dance school in Berlin I recommend, you can find HERE. Let’s come back to Tanzfabrik.


I have participated maybe two or three times in the ProfiTraining (training for professionals) offered in Tanzfabrik and each time it was a great experience. I wished I could have gone more often. The reason I didn’t was that these classes were only during the week in the mornings (Mo-Fr 10:00 – 11:30). Theoretically, I could have participated in them twice a week as I had two days free from my work in a week.
Why than I didn’t go more often?

The professional classes are lead by the same teacher throughout the whole week. It is recommended that you participate in all the classes, as they are led in a progressive manner. Of course the level and the content of the classes depend on the teacher. In some cases it doesn’t matter if you are there from the beginning of the week or you join the lesson in the middle of the week.

So probably, if you are a dancer with a good memory and you learn the new movements very fast, it wouldn’t be a problem for you to participate in the professional trainings at any moment you wish.

My concern though was that I wasn’t really a professional dancer. Some of the classes already were difficult for me to catch up. This is why I preferred to go to the other classes, which were in the same time and which were also very enjoyable.

Tanzfabrik offers open morning classes (9:30 – 11:00), meaning they are for everybody including beginners and professionals. These classes do not focus on choreography. They aim to broaden your understanding of movement by focusing mostly on your own body experience. The schedule of the classes changes each year. But they include topics, like Feldenkrais, Gaga, Body-Mind Centering, Pilates and Movement Research.

Tanzfabrik also offers afternoon classes (the first class starts at 04:45PM, the last class ends at 21:45) and in these classes I participated the most. My favorite were Contemporary Dance – Chaim Gebber (16:45 – 18:15), Vinyasa Yoga – Alexander Detlev (18:30 – 20:00) and Contemporary Ballet – Chandana M. Hörmann (20:15 – 21:45). I have to admin that I didn’t try many of other classes because of my work time. Also, as I mentioned above, each year the schedule undergoes some changes.


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