Hey guys,

I am Basia. I spend two years in Berlin, working there as a physiotherapist and at the same time trying to fulfill my passion and dance as much as possible. This is how I found the best contemporary dance studios in Berlin and not only.

There were three factors, which I took into account while searching for the dance schools in Berlin.

1. The dance style – my main focus was contemporary dance.

2. The level of the classes – I was never a professional dancer. However, the dance was always a part of my life. There are many schools, which are recreational, meaning that the teacher level is not that good or even if it’s quite okey, the way they lead the classes make me wanna go out in the middle of the lesson as I don’t feel it brings anything to me. Accordingly, I was looking for advanced classes, with a passionate, skillful teachers, where I can learn, have fun and improve.

3. Where is the school –  is it far away from my home or work? (this factor was less important).


To make it easy for you, I gathered most important information about each school:

  1. Name of the school
  2. Address (click on it and you will be directed to the mentioned address in the google maps)
  3. Nearby UBahn or SBahn.
  4. Price of a trial class (the schools have different prices, you can buy a monthly ticket or 10classes ticket, etc. If you click on the price it will direct you to the Site of the Prices of the particular school)
  5. Website (directs you to the main website of the school)
  6. Additional long-term dance programs offered by the school (click on it and you will be directed to the post about DANCE INTENSIVE PROGRAMS in BERLIN)
  7. Read more (this bottom directs you to more detailed information about each school and my experience dancing there)
U2 Eberswalderstraße/Senefelderplatz, U8 Bernauerstraße
Trial Class - 9 Euro
Price Info in the Dock11 website is in the Sidebar
S3 Hirschgarten (the station is not that close to the school, you need to use a bus or walk)
Trial Class - Free
Prices appears under the schedule.


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