Be a Dragon


Dragons !!! Welcome !!!

Are you ready to explore the world !!! Your Dragon spirit is always inside you. Listen to it. It is your intuition. When you travel, it guides you. It is there when you talk to others without knowing the language. It is there when you adapt to a new culture. The Dragon spirit helps broaden the perception. It shows how diverse the world is and how beautiful it is.

Your Dragon spirit rearranges the values of your life. It shows you a new path. The moment you wake it up, it changes you and your life.


Video Blog



Zhengzhou Wushu Festival

First Gold Medal

Biggest Shaolin Wushu Festival


Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks

Shaolin Temple

Hidden Places and Meeting Monks


Biggest Street Performance Ever

Wushu Street Performance

Increadible Skills


Tagou School China

10.000 Kids You Don't

Want To Mess With – Tagou School


Wushu Competition in Lianshan China

Wushu Competition

2 Days Experience


Chinese Martial Arts Competition

Martial Arts Competition

Basia’s First Competition in China



Kalaripayattu in Kerla India

Kalaripayattu India

30 Days Experience


Malabar Coast of India

Kerala Forest

Indian Tree Hauses and Bowl Boat


Visiting Bangalore


Visiting Bengaluru in India


Indian homemade cuisine

Kerala Homemade FOOD

What we ate LIVING with a local family


Cuisine in India

Indian Street FOOD

Snacks, Sweets and Drinks


Traditional food from Kerala

Traditional Kerala FOOD

Vegetarian Paradise 


Kerala traditional wedding

Arranged Marriage

Kerala Traditional Wedding


Adventure in India

Friends in India

Living With A Local Family


Jatayu Adventure Center in India

Jatayu Earth's Center

Chadayamangalam, Kollam



traveling in colombia

Road Trip Colombia

On Motorbike: Bogota to Santa-Marta


Beautiful places in Colombia

Tayrona National Park

 Amazing Beaches of North Colombia


visiting Santa Marta

Santa Marta

Spontanous Mini Triathlon 



coming home for Christmas

Polish Winter

in Basia’s Family Home


swimming in freezing water

Winter Swimming

Cold Bath in Baltic Sea


cute dogs video

My Cute Dogs

Basia Dogs – Funny and Cute Moments



traveling to Berlin

Berlin on Bike

1 bike for two people


homeless in Berlin

Homeless in Berlin

Couchsurfing experience


amazing people story

They Arrested Lucas

Our Couchsurfer Story



How to fix dreadlocks

Fixing Dreadlocks

by Rastaman in Poland


How to wash dreadlocks

Washing Dreadlocks

Clean and Smelling Good Dreadlocks


cutting off my dreadlocks

Dreadlocks Ritual

Cutting Off My Dreadlocks


RockDaniRoll TRAVELS

Travel To Myanmar

Country of Thousands Temples


Exploring Laos

The Best Places To Visit


Enjoy Thailand

Such a Great Place


Amazing Nepal

Everest Base Camp Trek


Beautiful China

Places To Get Lost


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