Today in Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School in China we challenged the students to perform 5 different exercises backed up by the song Flower from Moby, which is common under the name Bring Sally Up.

The challenge was a part of regular Power Training and the exercises were in accordance with the usual power training program.







Handstand Push Ups




Push Ups

1st Bring Sally Up Challenge

Jumping On The Mats

The first challenge was pretty easy. The level of mats differed depending on the jumping skills of the person. I could feel my legs after it, but I definitely could go on and jump more. All the students succeeded in this challenge.

2nd Bring Sally Up Challenge

Abs Training

The second one was I think the most challenging at least for me. Why not the fifth one? Well in the Abs Challenge I felt the burning of the muscles and I pushed myself to finish the challenge. The Push Ups Challenge was just impossible for me to even fight for the results. I had no power and I just couldn’t do it.
That made me realize that we should always challenge ourselves with the exercises we are actually able to perform. If I cannot do push up today, I do the push up on my knees and I won’t do 1 but 10. Tomorrow I will try to do a regular push up. If I can do 1 of them, that’s a progression, but I challenge myself to do additional 15 push ups on my knees. In that way we won’t get frustrated and we can progress.

3rd Bring Sally Up Challenge

Handstand Push Ups In A Team Work Of 3 People

Okey let’s move to the third challenge – Push Ups In Handstand. Sounds very tough, isn’t it? But it wasn’t actually that hard. I am unable to do even one handstand push up on my own, but thanks to my two spotters or supporters, I could finish the challenge together with other participants. I loved that exercise firstly because everybody can do it. I mean it. Secondly, because whatever your level is in doing a handstand push ups, you need to work out your way through this exercise. Excellent training for shoulders and arms muscles.

4th Bring Sally Up Challenge

Squats With A Person On The Shoulders

Fourth Challenge – Squats. Not a regular squats but squats with the other person on your shoulders. Much more difficult, but possible, because we could help ourselves by holding the tree. It was still very challenging for the thigh muscles. It is very important  to mention that this exercise should not affect your back. The position of the back should be straight and the participant should use the leg muscles to hold the squat down and go up to the standing straight position.

It is also worth to add that the squat position is very similar to one of the most important kung fu stances, called MaBu (horse stance). This stance is trained everyday in Shaolin Kung Fu School. In conclusion, no wonder that all the participants were able to finish the challenge.

The crucial part of the Squat Challenge for me was the technique that I used to lift myself from the squat position. I didn’t only use the legs, my arms were doing a job as well. This is why I didn’t feel any pressure in my back and I could perform this exercise using proper musculature.

5th Bring Sally Up Challenge

Push Ups With Feet On The Second Stair

When I think about it, I want to laugh. Nobody was able to finish Push Ups Challenge in a proper manner. Firstly, it was performed at the end, when everybody were already exhausted from the previous challenges. Secondly, it was performed with the feet on the stairs, which made the push ups and holding it down extremely difficult.

This is why we plan to assume this challenge again with the whole power that it requires, meaning when we are not exhausted and in a regular push ups position.