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Falling/Batman Push Up is not only an exercise, it is also a challenge. How much do you trust yourself to let the body fall straight on the ground with the only support of your hands? To do this exercise without hurting yourself you need strong arm, core and legs. Do you think this challenge is simple?

How to do Batman Push Up Challenge

If you have never done it before, if you don’t feel confident, do it on the mattress and start with the easy version on your knees.

  • Always keep your body straight and firm.
  • Do not let the butt go down or up.
  • Slightly bend your elbows when you land and finish in a push up.
  • Do not land on the straight arms!

Progression in Batman Push Up

  1. Beginner Level – on the knees.
  2. Intermediate Level – distance between the legs in bigger than width of your hips.
  3. Advanced Level – feet together, bring your hands forward in the last moment of the fall.
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